How to Take Care Mechanical Watches?

Often fine antique clocks that we have not worked as we expected, got some problems or even damaged in any situation. It may be not because of the frequent usage, but we do not understand how to take care of this antique clock so we can always enjoy using it. It takes patience, precision and great tolerance if we have a watch and collect antique category. Here I will try to explain in general how should we take care of the antique clocks we had:


A manual winding mechanical watches should always be removed before play crowns for recharging. At this crown turned to note is round crown not to exceed the maximum torque per movement. Screening crown that will exceed the maximum power can cause damage to the movement (as of broken etc). Stop playing when perceived round crown already heavy crown. This shows that a movement had almost reached the maximum round. It is advisable to do this activity in the morning before you do the activity because then your activities will not be disrupted because they have to play hours.

For hours of mechanical automatic (self winding), the energy to move the clock will be loaded automatically when the user moves while wearing hours. The automatic movement of the needle of clock made in the hours around and fill the power to move. If you do not use the clock in more than 40 hours, your hours will likely die because the stored energy is exhausted. To keep the clock functioning even if not in use, you can manually rotate crown to fill the labor hours back (usually for Swiss-made movement) or put it in a watch Winder (rotator hours). Some automatic movement does not have the ability to manually fill power (such as Japan-made movement in general), so to 'warm up' must have rocked.

Highly recommended if you have a lot of the mechanical clock had not used one by one to perform manual labor charging at least once a month so that components in the clock moving. For complicated mechanical clock (perpetual calendar, alarm, etc.) are strongly encouraged to use to watch Winder perpetual functions can run properly and we do not need to reset the time to be used.


The process of changing the date on the mechanical clock involves several parts toothed wheel in the movement. Avoid to change the date manually (quick set) in the period between the hours of 10 pm to 2 am because at this period of change mechanism is running the date, in which parts are involved in changing the date of this move. If done manually feared could accelerate the damage parts in it. Rotate clockwise until past 2 am or before 10 pm, then do it manually transfer date. Easy, put the needle under the hour and minute position number 9 and 3.

Some of the most innovative hi-design Mechanical Watches ever made are the sports performance watches such as Polar Activity Monitor Watch AW200. Polar watches are created using a combination of expertise in sports, physiology and electronics, combined with a deep understanding of customer needs. No wonder they have the lead in technological innovations and heart rate monitors since 1977. Go get them guys!


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