Metformin side effects

I was on Metformin Weight Loss for about 3 months. Before I was in Italy working on a series of legs. As a result of severe arthritis in the foot, with some of my Medrol pack for the pain. Once again, check my A1C. (Former A1C test result 6.1 and blood sugar readings over 120 something, I considered pre-diabetic I have a large family of type 2-diabetes and I am 60 years old ..)

I went back A1C is about 8.5 with higher levels of sugar high in the blood. I started with metformin and with practice, my A1c to 6.2, and fasting blood glucose <100 in three months. After a short time, Januvia may be just enough to establish the appropriate level in the blood,

I started having serious flu-like symptoms, disorientation and dizziness.

This does not affect my blood glucose monitor me better than metformin alone. In one week I was forced to stop due to the effects of Januvia devastating. I'm reluctant to go because he felt "Spacey" I experienced and a glass of red wine from the unbearable symptoms.

This kind of metformin side effects is just greeting you want to spend with patients. I'm waiting for my standard drugs on the market for several years. It seems to me that metformin and exercise are all you need now. Incidentally, I was 220 pounds when diagnosed and I am 195 and still fall in diet and exercise and metformin.