Red Tea Diet

Te rojo para adelgazar or you can sya this, Red Tea Diet, in the history of tea in China, red stands for the exclusive luxury of the emperor. We have a varied diet recommended for the free lunch, if you lose more than a few calories, can contribute up to £ 3 for 5 days.

It is extremely important that the four cups of red tea per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) drinking. Know your diet (pasta, rice, vegetables and bread), which is rich in carbohydrates, low protein intake from fish and egg is the star ingredient.


In addition to its ability to aid in weight loss, increased liver metabolism of red tea also helps to reduce fat and cholesterol. It is clean and has an anti-depressant, as well as promote digestive secretions, stimulates digestion of fatty foods. For more info, you can access this Spanish blog about it,