One Minute Silence - Available in All Colors (1998)

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One Minute Silence
Available in All Colors ======================================


* Audio CD (April 28, 1998)

* Original Release Date: April 28, 1998

* Number of Discs: 1

* Format: Explicit Lyrics

* Label: Big Cat / Bmg

One Minute Silence merupakan band rap metal asal Inggris terbaik yg pernah ada. Sayang sekali mereka harus bubar.. anyway, i bet the individual members of OMS will form killer new acts, thats something to look forward to, eh? Anyway this album shows how OMS has matured during their 3 albums and blended it into a unique sound. This is another essential british album and the band certainly rival america's best. Buy it! Buy the CD!

Track List :

01. New Dogs New Tricks
02. South Central
03. Stuck Between A Rock And A White Face
04. A More Violent Approach
05. Norfuckinmality
06. For Want Of A Better World
07. I Think Therefore I'm Damned
08. Remain Calm
09. Available In All Colors
10. Brainspiller
11. A Waste Of Things To Come
12. And Some Ya Lose
13. Pig Until Proven Cop

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